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Bible Study

Please join us on Wednesdays at 10:30 am to noon each week by Zoom for a lively and informative time of fellowship and Bible story-sharing with insights from our new senior pastor, Rev. Dr. Ellen C. Clémot. Once you’ve registered (only need to sign-up once), you will receive a reminder email with the Zoom link.  Our first study topic will be “Women of Influence in the Bible” – we will study the women you are curious about, such as Deborah, the first judge elected by the Hebrew people, Lydia, the original second career Pastor who led a house church and also managed a business in the luxury cloth trade, the women who helped finance the ministry of Jesus, and other women who made a difference despite being outcasts and strangers: Ruth, Hagar, the Woman at the Well, the Syro-Phoenician Woman. As we consider these women of the Bible, named and unnamed, but who made a difference in the trajectory of our faith, we will also explore how women today, and the families who love them, continue to lead, influence, struggle with, and support the church spiritually, physically, intellectually, and financially today.  All are welcome, without regard to gender, for this kick-off session with Dr. Clémot.