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Reentry Task Force Survey

The PCCT Reentry Task Force was created to develop and begin to implement a plan for a phased reentry into the building for worship and other purposes that provides for the health and safety of members, follows state and local guidelines, addresses logistical and legal concerns, and is centered on Jesus’ mandate to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”
PCCT members range in age from 1 year to 94 years old, and we are considering everyone’s different needs and comfort levels as we plan. With 38% of our member population over the age of 60, and many more with other risk factors and underlying health conditions, we recognize many will want to continue to worship online rather than in-person. PCCT will continue to offer online / virtual worship even after worshipping in-person resumes. We also recognize that COVID19 has affected our members in a variety of ways and we thank you for the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of this impact on you and your family.
The Task Force greatly appreciates you taking the time to answer these five questions. Your responses will help Session and Staff allocate resources and efforts to best reflect the needs and comfort levels of our PCCT members. Reentry will be phased and implemented in accordance with state and local government guidance. The Task Force is exploring a variety of options to allow for a gradual reentry, with safety precautions in place (including but not limited to physical distancing of six feet, masks required for all attendees, additional cleaning and disinfecting). Both indoor and outdoor worship options are being explored. Additionally, we are also exploring options to provide a live-streaming of the worship service so that the opportunity to worship together will be available to all.
Our primary focus is to care for the lives of others, rather than rush to reopen. All of your answers will be anonymous.

Please click HERE to take this short survey. Thank you.