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Update on Foundation for Peace in Haiti in the midst of COVID-19

First and foremost, all of FFP staff in Haiti and their families are healthy.  There has been great cooperation with Men nan Men school and the people in Ganthier, where the school is located.  The sewing classroom is the only one open during this time.  They are making masks, with appropriate social distancing.  Last week, FFP staff distributed over 1,000 masks in rural communities around Ganthier.  With the distribution came education on COVID-19, including the importance of wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing.  FFP plans to distribute over 3,000 more masks along with hand washing stations.  Prevention is the only option in Haiti – a country of over 11 million people with 124 ICU beds and 40 ventilators for the entire country.
The children at CAD orphanage are doing well.  School is continuing and they are cared for and well fed.  FFP staff can not visit during this time, but when they drive by, they honk and everyone waves.
Work continues on Sanctuary of Grace, the church our last Mission Team helped to build.  FFP has raised enough funds to complete the church, including the roof.  The last beams will be put in place over the next few weeks and then the roof.
Generally, as of May 14, the government’s numbers indicated approximately 1,400 suspected cases of COVID-19 in the country, 234 confirmed cases and 18 deaths.  Sick Haitians are being send back to Haiti from both the Dominican Republic and the U.S.  Sadly, there is no infrastructure in place to isolate and care for these individuals.  For example, there is a hotel near Port au Prince airport where COVID positive immigrants sent back to Haiti are supposed to go for quarantine.  There is no food, water, or care for these individuals, so most leave after a few days.