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Styrofoam Recycling Update

As part of its commitment to the environment, for more than 5 years PCCT has supported a public styrofoam recycling effort by providing a bin in the parking lot for drop-off. The styrofoam was driven by volunteers to FoamPack, a recycling company on Rt 22 in Union. Unfortunately, issues with the poor quality of some of the items being dropped off and water leakage issues with the bin led to our temporary cessation of the program.

The Mission and Outreach Committee is pleased to announce that effective September 8, and the 2nd Saturday of each month following, we will accept drop-off of clean white Styrofoam, stripped of all tape and labels, between Noon and 3:00 pm. As in the past, we cannot accept foam packing peanuts (those can be recycled at any UPS or packing/mailing store) or foam products that packaged food, including coffee cups, meat/vegetable trays, or egg cartons as these are chemically treated differently than foam used for packing.