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Planning for Re-entering the Building is Underway

As the State of New Jersey begins to lessen restrictions and allow for larger gatherings of people of up to 25% of capacity, with social distancing and masks, many at PCCT may be wondering about the reopening of the church building. The Session at its June 8th meeting formed a Reentry Task Force with congregation members and current elders: Evan Skinner, Scott Heller, Kent Stevens, Jenee Moore, Peter Meyers and Colleen Markley. 

This Task Force will meet with both of the pastors to develop and begin to implement a plan for a phased reentry into the building for worship and other purposes that provides for the health and safety of members, follows state and local guidelines, addresses logistical and legal concerns, and  is centered on Jesus’ mandate to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”

The work of the Task Force will oversee subgroups, which will include others in the congregation and related staff members, who will work directly on the technical needs, the worship and music considerations, the building use requirements, including both plans for the outside groups and special cleaning and sanitizing needs, options to address contact tracing, and legal and insurance  issues.  Church programs and meetings will continue to be conducted online as these issues are all addressed and worked through.

Please be assured that the Task Force will begin its work immediately, working with the state guidelines and a checklist and ongoing guidance provided by the Presbytery of Newton. Things continue to change on a regular basis, and so this Task Force will keep aware of the up-to-date communication and information. If you have comments, questions or concerns, please address them to the pastors who will share them directly with the Task Force as they meet. Through email and website and social media communication, the Task Force will keep the congregation apprised of its recommendations as it moves toward reentry.