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Baptism Workshop for Kindergartners

Our Baptism Workshop for Kindergarteners begins with the basic understanding that when we are baptized, we become part of God’s large family. Children explore the feelings of belonging to God in age appropriate activities and concepts, as well as learn that Jesus, God’s only Son was also baptized.

First Grade Prayer Exploration

Our First Graders will experience all types of prayer during the First Grade Prayer Exploration, using The Lord’s Prayer as written in Matthew as our focus. The kids will make prayer shawls, prayer beads and bracelets and learn how to journal their prayers.

Second Grade Communion Celebration

Our second graders will share their thoughts as part of the Second Grade Communion Celebration.   During our workshop, the kids will talk about the Last Supper and why it is so vital to our faith. There are four concepts about partaking in communion that are stressed throughout the workshop which are 1) Give thanks to God, 2) Remember Jesus, 3) Celebrate Jesus giving his life, and 4) Celebrate other Christians. In the spring, our Second Graders will partake in communion with their parents.

Third Grade Bible Adventure

The Bible Adventure begins in third grade where each youngster is presented with their own Bible during the worship service. It is theirs to learn, explore and use throughout their Christian Education and lives. Over the next six weeks, Third Graders will be given an overview of the Bible, guiding them to explore great stores and enabling our kids to have a solid understanding of all sixty-six books of the Bible. Bringing their new Bibles to church is encouraged!

Bible Explosion for Fourth and Fifth Graders

Bible Explosion is divided into Part 1 for our 4th graders, and Part 2 for the older 5th grade kids. This six week workshop begins where Bible Adventure ends and helps our 4th and 5th graders delve deeper into the scriptures and explode within their truth. Digging into the most familiar pieces of scripture our kids will discover the true meaning behind the Word of God, and discuss how he wants us to live our lives.  All children need to bring their bibles to class!!