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Fundraiser for Haiti – Thank you!

Many thanks for the tremendous support for our “Hearts for CAD” Fundraiser. We are thrilled to report we’ve exceeded our goal, raising just over $20,000 for CAD, the orphanage in Haiti fully funded by our Mission Partner, Foundation for Peace. The generosity of the PCCT congregation is second to none. Our support will fund the basic needs of the 26 children at CAD for 6 months. We’ve received the following Thank You notes from Wendy Patchin and Pastor Michel Valentin.
Julie Nelson and Katherine and Doug Zehner

On behalf of the children at CAD who will have care, food, water, school and electricity because of your generosity, thank you. Once again, through “Hearts for CAD,” your PCCT family of faith has demonstrated your collective heart for mission and for these particular vulnerable children and teens. We praise God that at this challenging time, provision has  been made to for their daily needs. We also are grateful for the encouragement and hope that your continued faithful support gives our ministry team. Though you may not be
together in Haiti, Haiti is still clearly in your hearts and minds. Thank you for your dedication to serving and continuing God’s work there, regardless of circumstances beyond your control. Finally we appreciate your prayers and ask that you continue to lift up the Haitian people, their leaders, Pastor Valentin and the FFP staff and the precious children you support.

With gratitude, Wendy
Wendy Patchin, Foundation for Peace | Director of Global Missions

On behalf of every single Child and Caregiver at CAD, we thank the PCCT church for their contribution to support food, education, birthday celebrations , medical care and staff salaries for the teachers and the caregivers. Mesi anpil anpil! God bless each one of you more and more!!

Mesi, Michel Valentin, Foundation For Peace, Haiti, National Director