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Virtual Congregational Meeting

A Special Congregational and Corporation Meeting of The Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township will take place virtually on Sunday, October 11, 2020, after the 10:00 a.m. virtual service of worship.

The following business will be conducted:

  1. Amend the Bylaws to include Electronic Meeting: “Electronic Meetings of the congregation, session, and other boards, committees, commissions and teams of the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township are permitted and shall be conducted under the provisions of the Church Manual of Operations. The Session will be responsible for choosing the means of the electronic meeting when they issue the call for a congregational meeting.”
  2. Act on the Pastor Nominating Committee’s recommendation of a candidate for the position of Pastor of Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township. Our Candidate will preach during the service that day, and members will have the opportunity to ask questions during the meeting, and then will vote on the nomination of the candidate as our new Pastor and Head of Staff and approve the Terms of Call

The congregational meeting will be conducted via Zoom as a virtual webinar immediately following the service, with discussion and voting occurring in a Zoom meeting.

  1. Thank the Pastor Nominating Committee for their work and dissolve the Committee.

The Rev. Heather Morrison Yaden Heather Morrison Yaden

Moderator and Interim Pastor, The Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township

Maurice Gately Maurice Gately

Clerk of Session, The Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township