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Installation of The Rev. Dr. Ellen C. Clémot

All are welcome to join us on Sunday December 13, at 1 pm.  The Presbytery of Newton will lead a worship service to install Rev. Dr. Ellen C. Clémot, as our new Senior Pastor. It is very historic as this is to be the first installation service here in the time of Covid-19, and possibly the last installation before the Presbytery itself transitions from one of seven, to one of just four Presbyteries in the State in a long anticipated restructuring. It will be a significant moment in Ellen’s life and in the life of our church. The last installation at PCCT was in 1988.
The Rev. Dr. M. Craig Barnes, President of Princeton Theological Seminary, will be preaching. There will also be a virtual coffee hour following the service to greet Ellen. Zoom links will be found in weekly e-blasts. This will truly be a joyous occasion in the life and future of PCCT.
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This service will also be recorded for those who are unable to watch at 1 pm.