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Easter Sunday Worship

Celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ during a livestreamed service from our sanctuary. The service will feature glorious music, scriptures, sermon with the Rev. Dr. Ellen C. Clemot preaching, and communion. Special music includes singing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah where everyone is invited to join in from the comfort of your own home. 

There are a few ways to join us:
(1) Watch on our YouTube Channel
  • Subscribing to the channel will help you find the livestream.
  • Please refresh the page if you do not see it when the page first loads.
(2) Watch on the Sermons Page of our Website
We invite those watching live to share in the sacrament of Communion. Some advance preparation is needed.

Before the time of the service you will want to prepare some bread, a slice or a small loaf of any kind of bread. Let it be something you alone or you with others in your house may break and share. (In a pinch, even a cracker will do.) Prepare a cup or cups of juice — perhaps grape — or even cranberry, or wine, with or without alcohol; one for each person who will be partaking in the sacrament. Set these elements in the living room or kitchen where you will worship electronically with our faith community.

Click HERE for instructions about how to watch Livestream worship. (One helpful hint is to not click on the link until 9:55 am.)
Please download the Bulletin to follow along (will be posted by Friday afternoon).