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Bridges Opportunity!


Friday, July 10, there is an opportunity for your family to lift up others through Bridges! Many of us are out enjoying this lovely weather as we make plans for a July 4th celebration. Others, though, are struggling with food insecurity and Bridges needs us to make sandwiches for their Friday night run! If you can, please join us at 2:00 p.m. on Zoom!  We will be making sandwiches from our respective kitchens and Cindy will meet you in the Shoprite parking lot on Shunpike that afternoon to collect the food for delivery.

Contact Cindy for details if you can join us! Cindy will be sending out the link to those who respond. What a wonderful way for us to see each other while helping those in need.

The following items are needed to participate:

Brown lunch bags: Your kids can decorate the bags with positive words and pictures.

Bread and turkey to make the sandwiches

Goldfish snack bags or similar item

Single Serve Applesauce cups

Soft granola bars

6-8 ounce bottles of water

Ziploc bags


Each bag would contain one sandwich and one of each of the above items.