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A Family Friendly event for all ages! Help us provide meals for hungry people on the streets in NYC. Simply sign up to purchase items, assemble sandwiches and sack suppers at home, and drop them off at the PCCT parking lot between 4:00 – 4:30 p.m. We will then deliver the sack suppers to Bridges Outreach who will ensure the most vulnerable homeless and food insecure receive a meal.

Shopping list:

  • Bread and turkey to make sandwiches
  • Goldfish snack bags or similar item
  • Single serve applesauce cups
  • Soft granola bars
  • 6 or 8-ounce bottle of water
  • Ziploc bag for the sandwiches
  • Napkins
  • Spoons
  • (optional) Mustard and/or mayo packets
  • Brown lunch bags

Assembly Instructions:

  • Please wash hands and wear surgical gloves when preparing lunches.
  • Please pack sandwiches separate from all other food items and refrigerate if making early.
  • Put one of each item (except bagged sandwiches) in a brown paper bag. Arrange in boxes for easy transport.

Please contact Rev. Tom Brown with any questions.