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Better Together Get Togethers – Dec

We are better together – so let’s get-together! Join our Deacon leaders at a series of at-home, small group, wine and cheese gatherings with our Senior Pastor Ellen Clémot to talk about our church life together. She is eager to spend time with more of our congregation members in casual settings, and hear your hopes and dreams for PCCT as we re-open and re-build post-Covid. Choose a date that works for you over the next several months using our sign-up genius link.

December 5th at 4 pm at Julie and Thomas Bliemel’s home

December 6th at 3 pm at Lantern Hill

January 9th at 4 pm at Virginia and Peck Hofler’s home

Spaces are limited to the first 14 people (or 7 couples) who Sign-up – no limit on kids – we will provide on-site childcare. Thank you deacons for your hospitality!