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An Invitation from Your Pastors to Learn and Listen on Issues Regarding Race and Racism

Protests over the past two weeks in response to the killing of George Floyd have opened a national conversation around issues of prejudice, injustice and systemic racism. Events in and around Chatham have made this a local issue as well.

As your pastors, we believe The Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township should be part of the conversation, and know from talking with several of you that others have been thinking along the same lines.

Pastor Heather’s sermon on Sunday, June 7 was a first step. If you missed it, the service is available here. (The sermon starts at about 19:30). Several resources were mentioned during the sermon, including:

This quote: “We are called to prophetically bear witness that in God there is no otherness.” – Dominique D Gilliard, speaking on reconciliation and the good news of the Gospel in An Invitation Into an Alternative Reality (about 9 min)

Emmanuel Acho addressing white people’s questions online

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man (about 9 min)

We would like to gather an initial group of people interested in sharing ideas, gathering resources, and listening to voices from people of color who have been speaking out to share personal stories and reflect on how their lives have been impacted.

We do not know where this might lead us, but the nudging of God’s spirit has called us to take at least this first step. We invite you to contact one of us if you too have been wanting to reflect and learn.

Seeking to be faithful,

Pastors Heather and Tom

The Rev. Thomas A. Brown, Associate Pastor

The Rev. Heather Morrison Yaden, Interim Pastor