These questions are designed to help you think more deeply about what you have read.  Answer only those which are meaningful to you.  If you really dislike any questions, take some time to think about what bothers you and what might be causing that intense reaction.

After reading the prayer:

Reread the prayer and underline any phrases or words that stand out to you.  Sit quietly and be open to what meaning they might have for you.  Revisit these words or phrases a few more times and see if anything else occurs to you.

Ms. Thomas asks God to ”Bring your light and restore presence to the dark places.”  Think back to your dark places in the past and try to figure out just where God was present.  How did he restore presence for you?

Take a few moments this evening and think back over today.  Where did you see God at work?  Try this exercise over the next several days to see what happens.  Has God given you his light so that you may see?

After reading the scripture:

Jesus told us that we “are the light of the world.”  Keeping in mind that each of us has been given our unique set of gifts, think about what it means for you personally to be the light of the world.  What are your gifts?  How can you let that light of yours shine by using your gifts to help others, and always remembering that we were given these gifts by God to share with this world?

After reading the Words of Grace, Peace and Comfort

L.R. Knost is speaking words of hope in this broken world.  Spend some time considering, what piece of the world’s brokenness bothers you the most?  Is it hunger, homelessness, the plight of immigrants, discrimination of all forms, the environment, or something else?  Once you have decided on this, then it is time to wait, listen, and try to discern how you are to respond to this world’s need.  Do not rush this step!  Listen, listen, and listen some more for God needs you to spread his light in this world  -  this is not about you alone, but you and God together loving this world intentionally, extravagantly, and unconditionally!

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