Prayer Practice

You are loved.  All God wants to do is to love you.  God is here, now, waiting patiently for you to let Him love you.  It is a choice to let God love you  -  to really open your heart to God's love.  Can you try to open yourself up and let God love you  -  all of you, as you are right now?  Read the following and then sit for a few minutes and see what happens. 

Be silent.

Be still. 



Before your God.

Say nothing.

Ask nothing.

Be silent.

Be still.

Let your God

Look upon you.

That is all.

God knows.

God understands.

God loves you

With an enormous love,

And only wants

To look upon you

With that love.




Let your God  -

Love You.

by Edwina Gateley

How did you feel as you sat and let God love you?  Was it difficult to accept God's love?  If so, what was so difficult?  Think of how you felt about God before this exercise and after this exercise.  Was there any change?  Was there any change in how you feel about yourself?

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