Prayer Practice

Meditation for Praying for Ourselves and Others

Below is a meditation for praying for ourselves and others that allows us to feel God’s love for us and others as we pray.  It reminds us that God hears all of our prayers and is responding to Love.

Go somewhere where you can be alone and undisturbed.  Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor or lay down on your bed or the sofa.  Close your eyes or let your gaze soften and look down.  Breathe and settle.

Imagine God is in the room with you.  Go with whatever image you have of God in this moment -  man, woman, a bright light. Take a moment to feel his/her presence.  Notice that you are being held in a loving embrace.  Relax into God’s arms, knowing that at last you are loved completely.  There is nothing to fear  -  just enjoy the feeling of being held in love.  Hear God’s sweet murmurings of words of love in your ears.  Feel your body unwind and begin to heal itself.  Let you spirit respond to God’s healing touch for all that it has been through.  Take as long as you need and let God heal you.

Then, think about all those that you would like to pray for.  Which one needs special attention, at this moment, right now?   Picture who you are praying for in your mind.  Notice that God’s arms are also around him/her.  God is gently hugging this person. Now imagine how this make the person you are praying for feel.  See how he/she begins to relax and snuggle even closer to God’s warm, loving embrace.  Watch how God is whispering words of love and comfort into his/her ears and see God gently wipe the tears from this person’s face.  Only God completely understands the pain and suffering he/she is enduring.  See this person’s face change as God’s love begins its healing process.  Pure love  -  holding, comforting, healing – pours into the one who needs it so much.  When you have seen enough, imagine him/her standing up, encircled in God’s arms and see the two of them walk away together.  Know that God will be by his/her side always and that you can let go and let God.

When praying for ourselves or others, it is important to realize the difference between healing and curing  -  “curing involves the resolution of illness but is not always possible” and “healing is coming to wholeness and can happen whether or not the illness is curable.” (Book of Joy p. 161)

Try this meditation over a few days.  Have you noticed any changes in yourself or how you view God?  What does healing feel like?  How has God healed you in the past?  Can you trust that God wants to heal you and wants to heal the one you were holding in prayer?  Can you let go of your need to control and let God  - at least for the moment or for the hour or for the day?

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