Morning Prayer 

O God I have come, into the quietness of your presence, 

to begin the day, so that out of this moment, I may take with me a quiet serenity,

that will last me through the rough, and smooth of this day's life.  

I have come to find wisdom, so that today I may not make any foolish mistakes,

that I may know when to speak, and when to keep silent, 

when to act, and when to refrain from action.

I have come to find peace so that nothing may worry or upset me, all through today.

I have come to find courage, to be patient not to give up hope, when hopes are long in coming true,

to accept disappointment without bitterness, and delay without complaint.

I have come to find love  -  to listen to your love so that all through today I may love, 

without being attached, that nothing may make me bitter or unforgiving.

I have come to begin the day with you, so that I may be able to continue it, and end it with you, without regret.

And I have come this day, O God, to be real, transparent as a mountain spring, 

with a heart open and spontaneous as a child.

Hear this prayer:  In the name of Jesus and for the sake of the world.



Sourced from Liverpool First United Methodist Church, Liverpool, N.Y.

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