We welcome you to our community as we celebrate the glory of God through faith, fellowship and service.

Confirmation at PCCT is a nine-month program of learning, service, and participation in the worshipping life of our congregation. Participants typically are in the ninth grade and attend Sunday morning classes (9:15-11:45 am two or three times per month), complete a total of 10 hours of service on church related projects, attend three retreats, complete a worship journal and write a statement of faith at the end of the year.

The confirmation program is designed to: Prepare young people to become adult members of the church; enable them to make a public profession of faith; and invite them to complete the vows made by their parents at the time of their baptisms.

At the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township, Confirmation provides a variety of learning, reflection and service experiences designed to nurture young people in three areas:
Faith – wrestling with questions about the nature and existence of God as revealed in Jesus Christ
Action – loving our neighbors through acts of compassion and service
Commitment – receiving God’s freely given love, accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and choosing to pursue God’s call on their lives.

Forms and Documents

Confirmation Calendar
Release Form
Program Description
Service Opportunities

Confirmation Fall Retreat