Understanding U.S. Dominant Culture and Systemic Racism

and How the PCUSA Is Wrapped in It

Saturday, September 30, 9 a.m.– 3:30 p.m.

Presbyterian Church of Madison, 19 Green Avenue, Madison, NJ

U.S. society has a dominant cultural center which categorizes who and what is seen as “normal, good, and standard.” This important workshop explores our socialization within this system and the role the PCUSA plays in it.  It is sponsored by Crossroads Anti-Racism Organizing and Training in cooperation with the Presbyteries of Newton and Elizabeth and is open to all.  For more information call the Presbyterian Church of Madison at (973) 377-1600.  The cost is $10 for lunch.  Registration deadline is Monday, September 25.

“Religious Extremism”

Seminar with Chris Boesel, MTS, PhD

Associate Professor of Christian Theology,  Drew University

Sunday, October 15, 11 a.m., Halldorson Hall

Religious extremism is a timely, relevant, and sometimes controversial topic.  Dr. Boesel will be sharing his wisdom and experience with us as an academic, a theologian, and a Presbyterian.  We’ll discuss the strengths and risks of different views in an atmosphere of openness to respectful dialogue and disagreement on all sides.  Join us for what promises to be an enlightening, eye-opening experience. 

Announcing  “Generations”

“Generations” is a new offering this fall, providing an opportunity for families and senior adults to forge new friendships and develop bonds with one another.  As a pilot project, we are looking for up to 10 families (with children at home) and 10 senior adults (65+) to participate, with an invitation extended at this time to those without grandparents or grandchildren in the local area. 

Once paired together, these three-generation, adopted “families” will join in several planned and informal events, including a mission project, sharing a meal, and going on an outing together. It all kicks off with a special get-to-know-you event on Sunday, October 29 at 11 a.m.  A schedule conflict on this date does not preclude participation in the program, which runs through the end of April 2018. Please contact Pastor Tom tbrown@pcct-nj.org or Lucy Deutsch for more information.

Adult Education Offerings Coming in November…

 “Quilts: Connecting Communities”

Much more than bed coverings, quilts serve as tangible expressions of community and heritage, a legacy connecting women and families for multiple generations.  We’ll explore the stories that lie between the stitches, while learning about the art and history of quilting in various cultural groups, and how quilts can be “read” as letters from those who created them – with messages of hope, friendship, and family.  Those who join us in November will learn to identify and describe various quilt patterns and have an opportunity to create a unique quilt block using geometric shapes.

 Movie Screening:  “The Shack”

The original Christian-themed novel, The Shack, sold more than 10 million copies in 2007. This film is based on the book and tells the story of MacKenzie Phillips, a man who spirals into deep depression after suffering a family tragedy.  Over the course of three days, he takes a spiritual journey that allows him to mend his relationship with God, learn to forgive, and gain some closure.  The movie is a testament to faith and the power of healing.  It stars Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, and Tim McGraw.