Our building is current closed due to the coronavirus
Offering a welcoming church community to all people, wherever they may be on their journey of faith, celebrating the glory of God through worship, fellowship, and service.

Sunday Worship Service

Worship is the heart of our common life, joining us together in praise of God and in support of one another.

As a theologically diverse congregation, we are nurtured by thought-provoking and timely sermons that bring scripture to life in our modern context.

A rich variety of musical offerings enable us to explore timeless themes of the church as well as modern interpretations of faith.  Congregational singing ranges from Reformation hymns to 21st century spirituals. Choral offerings, ranging from Bach cantatas to modern folk songs, draw us more deeply into worship and speak to us in ways that words alone sometimes cannot.

Grounded in the traditions of our Presbyterian heritage, our services are traditional in style, yet fresh in character. We are a congregation that prays for one another.  During worship, members are invited to give voice to their concerns and joys, which a pastor then incorporates into the prayers of the people.  The sacraments of baptism and communion connect us with the wider church, providing – as St. Augustine put it in the 5th century – “visible signs of an invisible grace.”

Worship sends us back out into the world, to be Christ’s light in the world as we serve others in love.