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Responding to Hurricane Florence

Find out more about how you can provide assistance for those affected by Hurricane Florence.

Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township

Donations made through our online giving platform will be forwarded to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance fund for US Hurricane Response described below. You can also text “GIVE” to 973-524-7580. After setting up an account, you can specify the amount you wish to give.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is delivering immediate aid to those impacted by Hurricane Florence on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. The storm’s path is cutting across areas still recovering from Hurricane Matthew (2016). PDA is deploying teams to affected presbyteries to meet with Presbyterian and community leadership to assist in coordinating relief efforts and mucking out homes and churches. After initial needs are addressed, PDA will remain – providing spiritual and emotional care and long-term recovery to address the unmet needs of those impacted. Designated gifts for US Hurricane Response supplement the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering to enable a significant, ongoing response to hurricanes that affect the United States.

Church World Service

Thousands of Hygiene Kits, Blankets and Emergency Cleanup Buckets are being deployed and distributed to those in affected areas. This is often the first assistance people receive. Donations may be made directly to Church World Service.

Highland Presbyterian Church

Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Highland Presbyterian Church hosted our 2018 Youth Mission Trip. Their community, still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Matthew in 2016, has been hard hit by Hurricane Florence.  The church building sustained damage to the sanctuary roof.  Donations may be made by texting “HPC HELP” TO 73256.