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church School

Summer Church School begins Sunday, May 27. 

This summer, we will be continuing with stories from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. We will spend our time getting to know specific people in our Bible stories. Our Summer Church School is open to all PCCT children age 4 years and older, and activities are developed for different age groups when needed. The classes begin Sunday,

May 27, at 10:00 a.m. Periodically, a summer KidsChat may be held in place of the traditional class lesson. Classes are sometimes held outdoors, weather permitting.

Adult teachers and youth assistants are welcome. If you have never taught or worked with our children, this is a great time to get to know the program and us. Our summer lessons are lighter and more relaxed, utilizing the one room schoolhouse style of grouping. Contact Cindy if you are interested in helping. Materials, lessons, and fun are provided. You just need to bring a smile!

Church School During the School Year.

On Sunday mornings,  Nursery and Preschool kids can be dropped off in the classrooms prior to the start of the worship service. Elementary age children (K-5th grade) and middle school youth (5th - 8th grade) come to the first 15 minutes of worship and are excused to their classes on the lower level prior to the sermon. Middle schoolers attend Breakfast Club in the Youth Suite.  

Come serve with us!  Click here to see how you can help.

Join our Facebook group PCCT Parents! 

This is a closed group and accessible exclusively to church members and parents of children active in our church school programs.   PCCT Parents will be an interactive forum where all members can post articles, share thoughts, ask questions and just stay connected as a community outside of the church walls.  We will also add calendars, class schedules and announcements regarding upcoming events.  Click here to join today!

Through hands-on learning, games, activities and small group discussions, our kids are given opportunities to grow in their faith.  Additionally, the Milestones program provides opportunities for children to have a deeper understanding of the church and Christian life.

On special Sundays throughout the school year, Kindergarten through 5th graders meet as a large group for KidsChat. Large group games with prizes and surprises are the norm. Special staging and interactive programming teach the scriptures in a unique way. Middle and high school youth have a special opportunity to serve as assistants.

Summer Church School!  From June through the beginning of September, children ages 3 through entering 5th grade are invited every Sunday to sing songs, do arts & crafts and learn about Jesus all summer long! 



Our Nursery is staffed by a professional childcare provider trained to give individual care to young children. During worship, infants and toddlers through 35 months can go to the Nursery and if appropriate, older toddlers are invited into the Preschool class for scripture story, activity and craft before being led into Nursery for free play. 


The Preschool class is held during worship and welcomes children ages 3-5. Preschool teachers are committed to helping our little ones understand worship and encourage them to talk to God any time and any place. Lessons are kept simple, fun and active. 


Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade start out in worship and are excused to go to their classes by approximately 10:15 a.m.  An adult will be waiting outside of the sanctuary to take them downstairs.  There will be a brief Foyer Chat before the children are led to their classrooms.  

Breakfast Club

Designed for young adolescents in 6th-8th grades, Breakfast Club offers a relational-based format that introduces youth to the meaning behind the scripture texts through small group discussion, age appropriate youth activities, and occasional service/mission projects.   

For more information about our Children's Ministries, please contact Cindy Caporaso.